Differences and similarities between heavy cream and sour cream

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The fundamental difference between heavy cream and sour cream is the fat level, with heavy cream containing around 35% fat and sour cream containing approximately 18% fat.

Heavy cream is prepared from milk with more fat, whilst sour cream is derived from milk with less fat. As a result, heavy cream is thicker and richer than sour cream.

Heavy cream and sour cream may be used interchangeably in certain dishes, such as cheesecake or soup, but the flavor will be different. Heavy cream tastes sweeter, and sour cream tastes tarter.

Heavy Cream vs Sour Cream Comparison

Heavy Cream Sour Cream
Calories (per 100 g) 300 190
Carb content (per 100 g) 2.8 g 4.6 g
Sugar 2.9 g 3.4 g
Fat Content around 35% around 18 %
Taste Slightly Sweet Tart
Consistency Thicker and Richer Less Thick and Less Rich
Fermented No Yes
Made With Cow’s Milk or Goat’s Milk Cow’s Milk

Differences Between Heavy Cream and Sour Cream

Heavy cream contains 300 calories per 100g, whilst sour cream has 190 calories per 100g. Also, heavy cream has more fat than sour cream, with roughly 35% fat vs. 18% fat. Sour cream has more carbs per 100g (4.6g vs. 2.8g for heavy cream) and more sugar (3.4g vs. 2.9g) than heavy cream.

What Is Sour Cream?

Sour cream is a kind of dairy product created from milk and cream. It has a sour flavor because to the lactic acid created during the fermentation of milk and cream. Sour cream may be used as a condiment or as a cooking component.

Sour cream originated in Europe, where it was initially manufactured by peasants looking for a means to extend the life of their milk.

They would infuse the milk with bacteria, which would generate lactic acid and give the milk a sour flavor. Sour cream became a popular dairy product across Europe once this procedure was perfected.

Sour cream’s lactic acid may help treat lactose intolerance, but it won’t assist individuals who are inherently allergic to dairy.

To make sour cream, bacteria are added to milk and cream, causing the milk to ferment and generate lactic acid. This is what gives sour cream its sour flavor.

What Is Heavy Cream?

Heavy cream, commonly known as whipping cream, is prepared from milk with a greater fat content. It’s utilized in recipes that need a thick, creamy cream. Heavy cream may be whipped and served as a dessert topping or used to produce creamy soups and sauces.

Heavy cream is often prepared from cow’s milk, although goat’s milk may also be used. It contains roughly 35% fat, which might help you lose weight and enhance your energy levels. Heavy cream is also abundant in Vitamin A and may help you see better.

Obtaining heavy cream entails taking milk and cream and dividing them according to their densities. The cream rises to the top of the container, while the milk falls to the bottom. The cream is then gathered by skimming it from the top.

Heavy Cream Vs Sour Cream in Cheesecake

While cooking cheesecake, pick a dairy product that will provide the finest taste. Sour cream will make your cheesecake tangier, while heavy cream will make it richer and more delicious. You may use both heavy cream and sour cream in your cheesecake recipe to achieve a taste balance.

To replace sour cream with heavy cream in a cheesecake recipe, use half a cup heavy cream for every cup sour cream. Sour cream and heavy cream are both used to give cheesecake its signature texture and moisture.

Which is the greatest depends completely on how sweet and rich you want your cake, or whether you like a balanced cheesecake with a tangy touch.

Sour Cream Vs Heavy Cream Calories

Sour cream often has less calories than heavy cream since it contains less fat. Since various brands of sour cream have varying fat percentages, it’s wise to check the label of the product you’re buying to determine how many calories it contains per serving.

This is vital to remember because if you do not purchase the per-serving quantity, you will consume many more calories than you planned.

Sour cream has around 190 calories per 100g serving, while heavy cream contains approximately 300 calories per 100g meal.

If a manufacturer uses less butterfat while creating heavy cream, it will save calories, but it will also make the heavy cream less rich.

Sour Cream Vs Heavy Cream Nutrition

Sour cream and heavy cream both include a lot of vitamin A, calcium, and saturated fat. They will also contain a considerable quantity of calories per serving, as described in the previous section.

None of the items has a lot of carbohydrates. Heavy cream should contain roughly 2.8g of carbohydrates per 100g, whereas sour cream should have 4.6g.

They each contain about the same amount of sugar, so anything you use them with will be significantly sweeter. Sour cream has 3.4g while heavy cream has 2.9g. Sour cream has an acidic flavor that contrasts the sweetness, making it difficult to distinguish.

Frequently Asked Questions About Heavy Cream vs Sour Cream

Can I Use Sour Cream Instead of Heavy Cream in Quiche?

Sour cream may be substituted for heavy cream in quiche. Sour cream adds a sour flavor and thickens the texture of your quiche. If you want a more pronounced taste, use heavy cream instead.

Can I Use Sour Cream Instead of Heavy Cream in Mac and Cheese?

Sour cream may be used for heavy cream in mac and cheese. Since sour cream is lighter than heavy cream, it may not thicken the sauce as well. To thicken it, you may need to add a little cornstarch.

Can I Use Sour Cream Instead of Heavy Cream in Soup?

In most circumstances, sour cream may be used in place of heavy cream in soup. Nevertheless, the results may not be as creamy or rich-tasting as if heavy cream had been used. Also, if the soup has a lot of other components, such as vegetables or meat, the sour cream taste may be overpowered.

Conclusion To Heavy Cream Vs Sour Cream

Heavy cream and sour cream are both dairy products, yet their characteristics are significantly different. Heavy cream has higher calories per 100g and up to 35% fat content, while sour cream is thin and acidic with roughly 18% fat. In certain recipes, the two may be used interchangeably, but not in all.


Can I substitute heavy cream for sour cream?

Whipping Cream (Heavy)

Whipped heavy cream is a quick and easy sour cream alternative. Just combine 1 tablespoon lemon juice with 1 cup heavy whipping cream. What exactly is this? Add it to your stand mixer and beat it until it reaches the appropriate consistency.

What is the difference between sour cream and fresh cream?

Both crème fraîchee and sour cream are prepared in industrial settings using pasteurized milk injected with certain bacterial cultures, with the key difference being that crème fraîche is fattier and thicker, whilst sour cream is tangier, lower in fat, and has a more liquid feel.

What is sour cream similar to?

Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, crème fraîche, and buttermilk are all excellent dairy substitutes for sour cream.
1-4: Dairy replacements for Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a great substitute for sour cream… Cottage cheese. This cheese has a long and illustrious history…. Crème fraîche…. Buttermilk.
Nov 8, 2017

What is the difference between whipping and sour cream?

Definition. Sour cream is a cream that is identical to fresh cream but has been soured and thickened with bacterial cultures, while whipping cream is a liquid cream that has between 30% and 36% butterfat.

Can I use heavy cream instead of sour cream in casserole?

Whipping Cream (Heavy)

To produce homemade buttermilk, use the same steps as before, but use heavy cream instead of milk. For baking recipes that call for sour cream, use the finished product in a 1:1 ratio. You may also use this as a replacement for sour cream in sauces and soups that call for it.

Can I substitute heavy cream for sour cream in muffins?

If you’re seeking for a sour cream replacement in baking, these are the finest options: entire buttermilk, whole milk, evaporated milk, milk powder, heavy whipped cream, plain kefir, Greek yogurt, plain yogurt, cream cheese, crème fraîche, ricotta cheese, Mexican crema, mayonnaise, coconut cream, and cashew cream are all ingredients.

Is sour cream or heavy cream better for cheesecake?

If you enjoy sour cream cheesecakes, you may use sour cream for the heavy cream, however I like heavy cream for the extra richness. Be careful to use room temperature components; this makes emulsifying the mixture much simpler and ensures a lump-free texture!

Does sour cream taste like cream?

What Do You Think It Tastes Like? Sour cream has a sour, acidic flavor that is balanced by a rich, creamy texture.

Does sour cream and cream cheese taste the same?

Sour cream is created by fermenting cream, while cream cheese is created by curdling milk, draining it, and processing it into a smooth, soft cheese. As a consequence, cream cheese lacks the sour flavor that sour cream possesses.

Is sour cream similar to milk?

Sour cream or full-fat yogurt may be used in place of whole milk. This alternative may be used to make fast breads or to add creaminess to pan sauces. Sour cream also works well in recipes that call for buttermilk, and vanilla-flavored yogurt may be used in sweet quick breads and cakes.

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