Fortune What Does a Cookie Without a Fortune Mean?

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So you conclude a lovely dinner at a Chinese restaurant, and the customary fortune cookie arrives with the bill. You break open the cookie, anticipating your fortune, and, horror of horrors, there is nothing inside! There is no luck!

What does it imply? Are you destined? Should you organize your affairs and say good-by to your loved ones?

What Does It Mean To Get A Fortune Cookie Without Fortune?

Getting a cookie without a fortune might imply one of four things, according to popular belief. First, something wonderful will come to you since those who give the fortune now owe you one. Second, you have the potential to direct your own destiny. Third, it is unlucky. Fourth, it doesn’t actually signify anything, and you probably received a bad fortune cookie. There’s probably another cookie out there with two fortunes inside since yours didn’t.

There Was No Fortune in My Fortune Cookie… Am I Doomed?

Everything that goes wrong, especially if you are superstitious, might seem like an ominous warning from above that your luck has run out.

Opening a fortune cookie and discovering there is no fortune inside might seem like the cosmos has picked you out and is ready to shower a slew of bad luck on you.

So, what do the majority of people think about this empty riches business?

These are some common misconceptions about empty fortune cookies.

1. Good Fortune Is Owed

Others believe that if you open your fortune cookie and find no fortune, you are owed good fortune by the fortune fairies. Consider it like receiving a gift certificate that you may use whenever you want.

2. The Opportunity to Take Charge of Your Life

This faction thinks that an empty fortune is divine permission to seize control of your own life. You have complete control over your destiny and the trajectory of your life.

3. You Are Out of Luck

Yet, others feel that an empty fortune is an omen of sorts, that you have been picked out and received the short end of the stick, and that you will now have to face poor luck and other calamities in your life.

4. It Means You Got A Dud

Finally, there is the side that believes it is meaningless. That indicates that you received a faulty fortune cookie. Every day, millions of fortune cookies are produced, and some are sure to be faulty.

In fact, due of how they’re created, there’s a good chance that there’s another fortune cookie out there with two fortunes because yours didn’t have any. Getting an empty one also implies you may take another!

What is A Fortune Cookie?

A fortune cookie is a crispy, crescent-shaped cookie with a hollow interior and a strip of paper with a fortune that may include sayings, predictions, quotations, and fortunate numbers. It is normally prepared using flour, sugar, water, and eggs, but many additional ingredients may be included according on the location where it is served.

It is often offered at the conclusion of a dinner at Chinese and sometimes Japanese restaurants in the United States and other countries such as Canada, and is thought to be an American innovation rather than of Chinese origin.

A Brief History of Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are often offered in Chinese restaurants, thus it is logical to believe that they have their origins in Chinese culture. Yet, it has nothing to do with Chinese culture and is completely an American practice that originated in Japan.

Japanese Fortune Cookies

Makoto Hagiwara, the owner of the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco, is credited with being the first person to introduce the fortune cookie to California sometime between the late 1890s and the early 1900s, though this was widely disputed and many competing claims were made by different people after that.

Regardless of who invented it, the contemporary fortune cookie is most likely an Americanized form of a Japanese biscuit known as tsujiura senbei.

Tsujiura senbei are rice crackers prepared with miso and sesame that include strips of paper with a fortune written on them. The fortunes, however, were stuck at the fold, outside the wafers, rather than within the hollow section.

They were also bigger and deeper in color, with a more savory taste. It is reported to have been widely distributed as early as the nineteenth century, and is likely founded in the Japanese temple custom of omikuji, or the practice of receiving fortunes as messages from the gods after making an offering at the temple.

As Japanese immigrants introduced the fortune cookie concept to the United States, the shape, ingredients, and flavor developed and were likely adjusted to cater to Western preferences.

The modern fortune cookie is sweeter in taste and is often produced with sugar, flour, eggs, and water, however additional ingredients and flavorings may be included.

Wait… But How Did They Become A Chinese Restaurant Staple?  

I understand what you’re thinking. So, if fortune cookies originated in Japan, how did they become so closely connected with Chinese cuisine?

Some occurrences, however, have contributed to this. Prior to World War II, fortune cookies, also known as fortune tea cakes, were very popular at Chinese and Japanese restaurants across San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Japanese bakeries that made the cookies sold them to Chinese restaurants, adding to their popularity.

When over 100,000 Japanese Americans were interned in internment camps during WWII, Chinese bakeries had to take over the majority of fortune cookie manufacturing.

The Chinese were also among the first to mass-produce fortune cookies by inventing a method to automate the procedure. Once, fortune cookies were created entirely by hand.

As a result, it became simpler to create and distribute to other Chinese restaurants in the United States. The fortune cookie’s ubiquitous availability in Chinese restaurants solidified the idea that it is a part of Chinese culture, which persists to this day.

 How Are Fortune Cookies Made?

Fortune cookies are created using sugar, flour, water, and eggs. The mixture is poured into three circles, cooked, and then the paper fortunes are immediately put in the center and folded and molded to let the cookies to cool. As the fortune cookies cool, they firm and become crispy.

Fortune Cookie Automation

Fortune cookies have traditionally been created by hand, but in the 1970s, fortune cookie production altered considerably.

Edward Louie, the owner of the Lotus Fortune Cookie Company in San Francisco, is credited for inventing a machine that mechanically put the paper fortune into the cookies before folding, making the process quicker and more consistent.

In 1980, a guy called Yong Lee built a machine that completely automated the cookie-making process. The Fortune III was the name given to this machine.

Machines have been improved throughout the years, but they still follow the same baking procedure as the handcrafted ones.

  • Combine the batter
  • Bake for a few minutes after pouring into three rings.
  • Keep the paper fortunes in place.
  • The cookie is folded and shaped using metal fingers.
  • The cookie has been chilled and packed.

As the machines progressed, they became more efficient and quicker in producing fortune cookies. A new machine named the Kitamura FCM-8006W can produce and shape around 8,000 biscuits in one hour!

How Many Fortune Cookies Are Made Daily in The U.S.?

Wonton Foods, Inc., situated in Brooklyn, New York, is the world’s biggest maker of fortune cookies, producing around 4.5 million fortune cookies every day. There are other firms that make fortune cookies, so think how many are made in a single day!

Do The Fortunes in Fortune Cookies Predict the Future?

No one can forecast the future or decide the precise path of your life, and fortune cookie authors surely do not pretend to be sages who can see into the future. Fortune cookies are designed to be words of wisdom to remember or phrases to make you smile after a wonderful dinner.

They are not intended to advise you on whether you should sell your home and go across the nation to start over. Some are a little more challenging and need more than a fortune in a sugar cookie to figure out.

Frequently Asked Questions to Fortune Cookie Without Fortune

What Does It Mean When There’s No Fortune In My Fortune Cookie?

Some people feel that no fortune implies good luck since you are due a fortune or have the opportunity to make your own destiny, while others believe it is a bad omen. Most people feel it means nothing and that you just received an empty cookie by coincidence.

Are Fortune Cookies An Important Part of Chinese Culture?

Despite the fact that it is often offered in Chinese restaurants in the United States, fortune cookies have no tradition or culture in China. While Japan has a similar notion, the fortune cookie as we know it is a uniquely American custom.

Who Invented the Fortune Cookie?

The fortune cookie is considered to be a modernized version of a Japanese biscuit known as tsujiura senbei, which is based on a Japanese temple practice of receiving fortunes after making temple donations. Japanese-American immigrants were claimed to have introduced the notion to the United States.

Conclusion to Fortune Cookie Without Fortune

According to popular belief, fortune cookies sans fortune provide you the opportunity to take control of your life and get good fortune credit from the fortune fairies. Some feel it is a bad omen, but most others believe it means nothing and that you can simply take another one.

Fortune cookies are not intended to foretell the future since no one can. It’s simply a great way to conclude a good dinner at a Chinese restaurant with some insightful words to ponder that may provide us with a fresh perspective on our present situation.

The notion for fortune cookies may have come from someplace unexpected, but the whole practice and custom behind it, as some have stated, is as American as baseball and apple pie.


What does it mean if your fortune cookie has no fortune?

If there is no fortune in a fortune cookie, it means that something excellent will come your way shortly. (Because the fortune-cookie-fairy owes you one.)

Is it rare to not get a fortune in a fortune cookie?

As a result, in my experience, the likelihood of a cookie with no fortune is less than 1 in 8640. As a result, the cookie with no message must be a bad omen.

Do fortune cookies really tell your fortune?

No, fortune cookies do not have extraordinary abilities to foretell the future. The fortune cookie you opened at a Chinese restaurant was handed to you at random. It’s merely a coincidence if it contains a fortune that comes true.

What is the meaning of fortune cookie?

A fortune cookie is a delicious, crisp dessert with a piece of paper inside that predicts what will happen to you in the future. Chinese eateries often provide fortune cookies. COBUILD Advanced Learner’s Dictionary by Collins.

What type of messages are found in fortune cookies?

is a list of fortunate numbers that some people use as lottery numbers. A fortune cookie is a crisp and sweet cookie wafer made from flour, sugar, vanilla, and sesame seed oil that contains a piece of paper with a “fortune”, an aphorism, or a hazy prophesy written on it. The message may also include a Chinese sentence with translation.

What are the lucky numbers for fortune cookies?

The six numbers connected with the most wins in FORTUNE COOKIES are: 4, 14, 15, 22, 26 and 28.

Do fortune cookies expire?

A fortune cookie is a fortune cookie, is a fortune cookie, is a fortune biscuit. At least in terms of shelf life. They are a non-perishable food, and although some fortune cookie makers claim their cookies can keep fresh for 6 or 8 months, I believe you should… Q.

What does my fortune mean?

: good outcomes that are due in part to chance: good fortune. : what occurs to a person: good or bad fortune. chronicles the fortunes of two families across time: what will happen to one in the future? I had my fortune read.

Can you take more than one fortune cookie?

RAW supports up to two fortune cookies with separate fortunes. Each subsequent cookie cancels the oldest active fortune.

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