How to Dry Chicken Without Paper Towels – Best Tips

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Paper towels have long been associated with the process of drying chicken, but this antiquated method is on its way out as an increasing number of consumers look for more environmentally friendly options. While some will be simple, everyday options that you have probably already used, others might call for more of your time and effort. Consequently, what exactly are these solutions?

How To Dry Chicken Without Paper Towels?

In order to dry chicken without using paper towels, you can dry excess moisture from the chicken by using alternative methods such as air drying, heat, or salt to eliminate any sogginess and splatter incidents that could cause damage during your cooking sessions. If you prefer methods that dry things more quickly, applying heat will be your ideal solution; for this purpose, both an oven and a stovetop will come in handy. If you’d rather use methods that are less complicated, such as salting or air drying, those are the kinds of solutions you should look into.

How To Dry Chicken Quickly

When time is of the essence, the oven or dehydrator will come in handy. The key to successfully doing this will be to position the hens such that they are next to one another but without overlapping or touching. Put the chicken in an oven that has been warmed to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) or a dehydrator.

Depending on the size of the bird, this should take anywhere from ten to twenty-four hours. Drying will go more quickly for smaller parts, while it will take longer for bigger ones. It is important to bear in mind that the chicken may dry out more quickly if you use a marinade.

Air Drying Raw Chicken

Drying meat in the air is a process that has been around since the beginning of time and will be one of the more simple ways covered in this book. Take the chicken out of the box and let it to sit out on the counter for at least four hours before cooking it. During this step, the chicken skin will begin to dry up, which will result in a crispier texture after it is cooked.

When you use this approach, you need to make sure that your kitchen is spotless to prevent any bugs or dirt from landing on the meat. You may also consider sprinkling the chicken with salt in order to hasten the process of air-drying it if you are in a rush.

How To Use The Fridge To Dry Chicken

One other option available to make use of is the refrigerator. Place the chicken in the refrigerator for about one hour before serving. If you are preparing dinner for the following day and want to maximize your chances of having dry chicken, put it in the refrigerator the night before. This increases the pace at which the moisture may escape, lowering the likelihood that you will end up with soggy chicken.

How To Salt Chicken

When seasoning chicken pieces with the bone still in place, rub salt in between the skin and the flesh. Allow the chunks of chicken to rest in the refrigerator for anytime between 6 and 24 hours. It would also work well to place it on a baking sheet fitted with a wire rack, and then let it sit there until it was dry.

If you are using a whole chicken, sprinkle some salt inside the cavity of the chicken so that it is evenly distributed. Continue to apply additional salt directly under the skin of the breasts and legs. Allow them to rest for the same amount of time as the bone-in chicken pieces, between 6 and 24 hours, in the refrigerator, on a baking sheet or wire rack.

How To Heat Chicken

If you want to dry your chicken using heat, then your homemade chicken jerky must be cooked to the appropriate temperatures using one of the two ways stated above in order to prevent food illness.

The first step is going to include cooking your chicken strips in a marinade before they are dried. The second step, which will take place after the strips have been dried, will include heating them in an oven. It is important to note that drying marinated chicken strips faster by heating them first may likely shorten the total drying time.

The typical jerky will not only look and feel different, but it will also have a distinct hue. When it comes to heating anything up, you have the option of using either an oven or a dehydrator, as was mentioned before, or making use of a burner.

Your chicken has to reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit (73.88 degrees Celsius) for optimal safety.

How To Use The Fan To Dry Chicken

The use of a fan is yet another substitute for the application of paper towels. Put the chicken on a wire rack that’s been placed over a baking sheet, and then position it in front of a fan while it cooks. The utilization of a strong fan will make this procedure significantly more efficient when compared to drying by natural air circulation.

Make sure that your fan has been thoroughly cleaned before you use it to prevent any dust or other debris from settling on your chicken.

How To Use Momentum To Dry Chicken

The chicken may be dried in an easy manner by relying on momentum, which is also an option. To do this, sway the chicken back and forth or move it in a circular manner for a few minutes.

The only drawback to using this strategy is that it will most likely result in a messy kitchen since the water will spread to other areas of the space. This method will work best in open outdoor spaces, as doing so will reduce the likelihood that bacteria will be transferred to other food items in your kitchen.

How To Use a Cloth Towel To Dry Chicken

It is also an option that is kind to the environment since it may be supplemented with a towel made of fabric. Get a towel made of fabric, and pat the chicken dry with it.

Because any contamination may transmit germs and cause food poisoning, the towel has to be clean and dry. After you are through drying your chicken, you will need to wash your cloth towel, which is not the case with other options that are disposable.

How To Use a Paper Bag To Dry Chicken

When you no longer have access to paper towels, a paper bag may also work wonderfully in its stead. You may remove some of the extra moisture from the chicken by placing it in a paper bag and leaving it there for a few minutes.

In the same way that you should make sure that your cotton towels are clean, you should also make sure that your bag is clean. When you are done, throw away the paper bag you were using.

How To Use Bamboo Dish Cloths To Dry Chicken

Dishcloths made of bamboo are long-lasting and may be used instead of paper towels thanks to their suitability for the job. This makes them an additional feasible choice for drying poultry. Use this cloth towel in the same manner as you would your normal one and pat the chicken with it until you are pleased with the outcome.

How To Use Bamboo Paper Towels To Dry Chicken

Paper towels made from bamboo are distinct from other types of towels because of their exceptional absorbency, which enables them to serve a variety of purposes. This will allow you to pat dry multiple pieces of chicken with just one towel, reducing the amount of waste that would have been caused by using additional paper towels.

How To Dry Fried Chicken

Using a wire rack is one of the many alternatives to drying fried chicken using paper towels that are available. When you are finished frying the chicken, transfer it to a wire rack that is set on a baking sheet. The oil will trickle into the pan below, where it may be collected and used for a second time.

It is also possible to put it away in a container and utilize it at a later time. The use of brown paper bags for drainage and dish towels made of fabric will both come in helpful for this purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alternative Methods For Drying Chicken

What Can I Use To Drain Grease From Chicken?

In order to drain the oil from your chicken, place it on a wire rack that is placed over a baking sheet or a frying pan. Wait a few minutes until you are ready to eat before picking it up again. Make meals like roasted veggies using the liquid that was spilled, for example.

What Is a Substitute For Paper Towels When Drying Chicken?

You may pat the chicken dry with a variety of different things, such as a clean towel made of cotton. There are also other options. Putting your chicken in a paper bag will also be helpful for this, and then allowing it to air dry on the counter for at least four hours will complete the process.

Can I Use Heat For Drying Chicken?

The use of heat is yet another method that can be utilized to dry out your chicken. The trick is to regulate the temperature of your oven, dehydrator, or stovetop depending on how quickly or slowly you want the chicken to dry out. Any of these methods will work just fine.

Conclusion On How to Dry Chicken Without Paper Towels

When it comes to drying chicken, you won’t need to resort to using paper towels as long as you utilize one of the several ways that are available. There are several options available to you, some of which can help you speed up the procedure, while others will take more time.

Keeping this in mind, you should think about the amount of time you have available as well as the safety regulations for the equipment you have available.


What can I use instead of paper towels for frying?

Quickie microfiber cloths are the best alternative to paper towels in terms of value. These cloths performed fairly well in all of the tests, including those evaluating their ability to absorb water, remove oil, and be washed, and ten dollars will buy you enough of them to last a very long time. (And once you’ve finished using them in the kitchen, you can put them to use washing your car.)

What happens if you don’t pat chicken dry?

If the chicken is not overly dry before cooking, it will yield more liquid as a result of the cooking process. The chicken will start to steam if any of the moisture that is contained in it escapes into the pan. The chicken will continue to cook, but it most likely won’t become as crispy as it normally would.

What can I use to drain grease from chicken?

Allow the liquid to sit undisturbed for a short period of time so the fat can have the opportunity to separate and rise to the surface. After that, remove the fat with a turkey baster by sucking it out. Use a spoon to baste the turkey in the event that you do not have a turkey baster. Although it is not as precise, it will be sufficient for the purpose.

What is a good alternative to paper towels?

Five Substitutes You Need Instead of Paper Towels

  • Newspaper. Keep a supply of these useful readings that can also be used as a tool for cleaning the house, and use them after you have finished your morning routine of reading the newspaper…
  • Cloths made of microfiber for cleaning…
  • Diapers Made of Cloth…
  • Used and worn-out T-shirts…
  • The alternative to paper towels.