What exactly is a ‘Dough Spatula’? Have a look at this!

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Whether baking bread, cookies, or other dough-based dishes, you may come across directions that call for a dough spatula.

And, if you’re like me, you could have a few pictures in your brain, but you’re not sure what the recipe is talking about.

If you’ve ever wondered what a dough spatula is, keep reading to discover more about this equipment and its applications.

What is a ‘dough spatula’?

A dough spatula, sometimes known as a dough scraper, is a culinary tool used to scrape the interior of a bowl containing dough. The tool is a five or six-inch-wide plastic scraper with a rounded edge that helps it adapt to the interior of a circular bowl. This tool may also assist in separating and handling the dough.

Dough Spatula vs. Bench Scraper

A bench scraper is a rectangular instrument that is generally made of metal and is used to handle and chop dough.

Dough scrapers and bench scrapers are often seen while looking for a dough spatula.

Regrettably, these two things (dough spatula and bench scraper) have become interchangeable.

A dough spatula and a bench scraper are sometimes used interchangeably in certain areas.

Others, though, may identify the two based on their distinctions.

A dough spatula, sometimes known as a dough scraper, and a bench scraper are not the same thing.

The main distinctions are in what it is meant to achieve and the materials it is built of.

As previously stated, a dough spatula is designed to assist remove dough from the interior of a bowl.

These tools are huge pieces of plastic with rounded edges that assist clean all of the dough out of the bowl.

A bench scraper is a rectangular piece of metal with a handle on top and a sharp edge that is used to cut and turn dough.

The bottom edge often features measurement lines that function as a ruler, allowing you to measure the size of the divided dough pieces.

The bench scraper is meant to assist you handle the dough outside of the bowl, separate it, and move it about without having to use your hands too much.

The bench scraper is primarily a separating and cutting tool.

Rectangular dough spatulas that aim to double as bench scrapers are common.

These plastic pieces are intended to clean the bowl, but they also have a straight edge for cutting and splitting dough on the counter.

Nonetheless, each of these tools has benefits and limitations.

Why You Need Both

If you plan on making bread on a regular basis, I recommend investing in both a dough spatula and a dough scraper.

This is mostly due to the limits of both instruments.

Getting sticky dough trapped in the bowl is incredibly inconvenient.

Using your hands to pull all of the dough out of the bowl is a tiresome and futile activity.

A dough spatula speeds up the process and ensures that you get the most out of your dough.

The plastic dough spatula is specially designed to scrape the dough without getting too much on your hands.

The rounded form and flexible edges are ideal for this function. A bench knife, on the other hand, is not appropriate for this case.

The bench knife is rectangular, and the sharp edges make scraping the dough from a spherical bowl difficult.

Bench knives are also made of metal, and the sharp edge or corners might scratch a glass bowl or nonstick pan.

But, unlike a bench knife, a dough spatula is not particularly well adapted to manipulating and cutting dough.

The dough spatula’s plastic and rounded sides make it less useful for cutting.

Although there are instruments that attempt to serve as both a dough spatula and a bench knife, the combination comes with certain trade-offs.

Dough scrapers that attempt to accomplish both functions may be used for both, although they are less efficient.

Typically, the dough scraper that also functions as a bench knife changes the design of the dough spatula from a rounded end to a straight plastic edge.

It is essentially a plastic bench scraper. While the material is great for a dough spatula, the form is not.

The rectangular corners of these all-in-one dough scrapers make it difficult to remove dough from bowls.

Also, the plastic edge is neither as sharp or as effective as metal bench scrapers.

I know it’s not difficult to cut bread dough, and the plastic edge is good, but I believe you’ll be happy with two separate tools rather than the all-in-one choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About What is a ‘dough spatula’

Why can’t I use a plastic or rubber spatula for the same purpose as the dough spatula?

A disadvantage of plastic and rubber spatulas is their lengthy handle design. Frequently, the dough in the bowl is heavy, and long-handled instruments are not powerful enough to scrape the dough out of the bowl as well as a dough spatula. Use a dough spatula to prevent damaged handles.

Is having a dough spatula and dough scraper really necessary?

You can, of course, live without them. But, if you want to deal with dough often, these instruments are quite beneficial. And they are often offered in sets at extremely low costs.


If you’ve ever attempted to pull sticky bread dough out of a bowl with your hands or scrape out a bowl with a spoon or spatula and thought to yourself, “There has to be a better way.”

There is an alternative.

A dough spatula is specially developed for such instances.

If you try one, you may wonder what you did without it.


What is the use of dough spatula?

This tool is used to manage uncooked dough by scraping it off a rolled-out surface as well as slicing it. It is also known as a spatula. A dough scraper is a tool used by bakers to manage dough and clean surfaces that have been treated with dough.

What does a dough scraper look like?

A bench scraper, sometimes known as a bench knife, a dough scraper, or any of many other names, is a flat, rectangular piece of steel with a handle along one edge. It’s a broad, dull knife used by bakers to split, portion, scoop, and transport hunks of dough from one location to another.

What do you use a dough scraper for?

Cutting dough, whether it’s puff pastry, pizza dough, or pie crust, is the bench scraper’s most well-known use. Bakers vouch by the scraper’s ability to punch, cut, and portion out sticky, wet dough—unlike a kitchen knife, these cutters will not adhere to the dough, keeping your fingertips clean.

What is the difference between a dough scraper and a bench knife?

The material from which the dough scraper and bench knife are produced is one of the most significant variances. Whereas the traditional bench knife has a razor-sharp metal blade, the dough scraper is composed of stiff plastic.

What is a baking spatula called?

A frosting spatula or palette knife is a kind of cooking equipment used to spread a product onto a flat surface, such as frosting on a cake.

What is the best tool for cutting dough?

One of the most used dough cutters is the scraper cutter. It is made out of a metalhead with a flat or curved surface.

What are the two types of scraper?

Scrapers are classified into four categories, each of which operates differently. Single-engine wheeled, dual-engine wheeled, elevating, and pull-type scrapers are the four kinds.

Why should we use spatula to lift the dough?

2) It also makes moving bread simpler.

After carefully shaping and scoring your bread dough, this spatula makes it simple to transfer the loaf to the oven without overhandling or degassing.

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