What is the volume of an orange juice carton? Solved!

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What is the volume of an orange juice carton?Orange juice, sometimes known as OJ, is one of the most popular juice drinks in the United States. According to Statista, about 8.5 million dollars in orange juice sales occur each year. This staple drink gained popularity during WWII and has remained so to this day.

What is the Volume of a Carton of Orange Juice?

What is the Volume of a Carton of Orange Juice? Solved!

A carton of orange juice may vary in size from 8 to 59 ounces.Until 2010, the amount of juice per container was a normal 64 ounces. With diminishing profit margins, the whole orange juice business reduced this to 59 ounces.

Orange Juice

What is the Volume of a Carton of Orange Juice? Solved!

Orange juice comes in a variety of tastes, ranging from pure orange to hybrids such as blood oranges and even tangerines. The blood orange is a hybrid that gets its color and taste by cross-breeding with other plants.

Tangerines have a mild taste and are a variety of Mandarin Orange. It is called for its birthplace, Tangier, Morocco. It is also a hybrid, and there are numerous kinds, but this particular variant may be difficult to get.

Orange juice comes in a variety of consistency and container sizes. Orange juice may be purchased with or without pulp. It may be frozen condensed or come in a number of containers, ranging from glass bottles of different sizes to cartons of varied sizes.

The condensed form must be blended with water before use, although it may be kept in the freezer for months and used as required. When reconstituted, it will taste the same. However, it is not the most popular variety of orange juice, and locating a hybrid in concentrated juice is quite difficult.

During processing, all water is squeezed out, and the pulp is crushed into a laminated cardboard tube, which, when opened, is poured into a pitcher with enough water to fill according to package specifications.

Laminated cardboard cartons are the most prevalent form of orange juice container found on shop shelves. The lamination keeps sunshine and microorganisms out. However, for freshness and quality, the juice should be used before the Use By date.

Exploring How Much Volume of Orange Juice is in a Carton

The container size ranges from a single serving to 59 ounces. The majority of oranges are farmed in California or Florida, and the state of Florida recommends an 8-ounce serving size per person.

Until 2010, the amount of juice per container was a normal 64 ounces. With diminishing profit margins, the whole orange juice business reduced this to 59 ounces. (3) (Edgar, Mouse Print, 2018).

Many customers are unaware that the standard size is no longer standard. When the cartons were 64 ounces, with an 8-ounce portion per person, there were 8 servings. You may now offer lesser servings or serve fewer people.

Because the width and height are maintained constant, the cartons seem to be the same size on shop shelves. The depth, on the other hand, is not, thus there is less liquid in each container. However, the price stays the same for all 64 ounces, therefore most customers do not look at the ounces indicated at the bottom.

This is not limited to orange juice; other food goods such as ice cream have seen their containers shrink from a full 64 ounces to a paltry 56 ounces in the last two years, exactly like orange juice.

Consumers usually only notice when they discover that the items they buy, such as orange juice and ice cream, are not lasting as long as they should!

5 Ways to Know What is the Volume of a Carton of Orange Juice

1. Read the bottom of the carton before purchase

The entire volume must display at the bottom of each carton by law. Because it has been many years since a full 64 ounces has been offered, most cartons contain just 59 ounces.

2. Purchase the concentrate

This allows you to keep track of how many ounces you have on hand at all times. You can easily prepare a pitcher of 64 ounces this way, and by adding a little additional water, you can extend the concentrate.

3. Purchase individual serving-sized containers

Individual serving-sized containers are more expensive and more difficult to downsize without a customer noticing since it was a price point problem for firms who bottle orange juice.

Each carton or bottle has 8 ounces, therefore purchasing a bundle of 8 gives you the entire volume of 64 ounces. Buy them in bulk batches of 12 to 20 cartons or bottles if you want to save money. These are juice cases.

4. Purchase from a farm or farmer’s market

There will not be orange producers in every location, but if there are agricultural businesses within an area, they will offer freshly squeezed juice in 64-ounce cartons, however the containers may not be laminated and should be consumed soon.

5. Squeeze your own oranges

More and more people are returning to this practice, which was used from the 1940s until the 1970s. It is not difficult since orange juicers are accessible. To capture the juice, these juicers feature a pointed stem with a curved catcher at the bottom.

Place half an orange on the stem and rotate it while pressing down. If you don’t want to do anything, electronic models are now available in practically all department shops.

These may save you a lot of money on orange juice, and you can squeeze just enough for a single serving or keep a whole 64 ounces. The juice is also fresher and maintains more Vitamin C than store-bought types. Jillian Kubala, November 16, 2021).

Conclusion on What is the Volume of a Carton of Orange Juice

As you can see, the amount of an orange juice carton has shrunk over time, although many customers have not noticed. Many people are now squeezing their own juice to save money while also increasing taste and vitamins.

Many purists have always squeezed their own juice, which is a straightforward operation. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice may seem to be nirvana!

Frequently Asked Questions on What is the Volume of a Carton of Orange Juice

If I Squeeze My Own Orange Juice, Can I Freeze It? 

You can, but it will be watery unless you press out the water and produce your own concentrate. This takes some skill, and it’s ideal to just squeeze what you’ll eat in a day or two.

Will Complaining to a Store Manager About the Size of the Carton Help? 

Store managers can only sell what the orange juice makers provide, and the decision to reduce quantities was taken unilaterally years ago.You may write to the corporations, but money will always take precedence.

How Can I Save Money on Orange Juice Now with Less Volume in Cartons? 

You may squeeze your own or buy single-serving quantities, which are more expensive but avoid waste and provide more juice for your money in the long run.


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What is the volume of a carton of orange juice?


Made from perfectly ripe, natural oranges, this juice is authentic, timeless, and plain incredibly refreshing.

How do you measure the volume of orange juice?

When we add 1 cup of juice into the jug, the level hits the 1 mark. The scale indicates how many cups of liquid are in the jug. To determine how many cups of orange juice are in the jug, use the scale. When the juice reaches 6, we will get 6 glasses of orange juice.

What is the capacity of orange juice?

the capacity of a pack of orange juice is 2l.

How do you calculate carton volume?

The volume of a box may be calculated by multiplying its length, width, and height.

What is the formula to find the volume of a juice box?

Calculate and record the volume of each juice box. A rectangular prism’s volume is the sum of its length, height, and breadth.

What is the volume of an orange?

The grade two orange had a volume of 217.8 cm3 and a mass of 215.4 g.

What is the volume of a pack of juice?

A tetra pack of juice has a capacity of 980 cu. cm.

Does juice have a definite volume?

Juice is a kind of liquid. They have a fixed volume and take on the form of a container. They lack a distinct form because the particles are more loosely packed than solids.

Is carton orange juice healthy?

Orange juice is healthful, but due of its high sugar content, it should be used in moderation. Orange juice is a good source of vitamin C, with one cup providing double the daily dose. Vitamin C boosts your immune system and may help you fight off the common cold.

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