What’s a Substitute for Pastis? The Answer!

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You’ve seen Pastis if you’ve ever walked the streets of Paris or sat in a French caf after twilight.

Pastis is a French liquor with an anise or black licorice flavor. It’s popular as an afternoon aperitif in the south of France.

It gets its taste from licorice and star anise–sometimes fennel–and the result is a herbaceous and fragrant spirit that goes well with a carafe of cold water.

What’s a Substitute for Pastis?

What’s a Substitute for Pastis? The Answer!

Pastis has a unique taste, but Pernod, especially a herbal-flavored Pernod manufactured by Sazerac called Herbsaint, is an excellent alternative. Because Pastis is an anise liqueur and a relative of ouzo and sambuca, these may also be suitable alternatives. Anisette and Absinthe are two licorice or anise-flavored liqueurs that may work, or you may use a flavorless liquor like vodka and infuse it with aniseed or anise essential oil.

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Drinking and Enjoying Pastis

There is a traditional manner to drink Pastis that distinguishes it from other aperitifs and cocktails.

To consume, Pastis must be diluted with water; otherwise, it tastes harsh and astringent.

In general, one part Pastis to five or more parts water yields a pleasant ratio that creates the ideal sip.

If you want to keep it old-school, make sure the water is really cold and serve the Pastis in a balloon glass.

You may keep the water chilled by adding ice, but don’t put ice straight in your Pastis because it will crystallize.

Some people like to drink the Pastis plain, with a carafe of ice water on the side, while others prefer a tall, icy glass of water with a snifter or shot glass of Pastis on the side- the option is yours.

This enables the drinker to dilute and blend their Pastis to the appropriate strength, since too much Pastis may taste astringent and drying on the tongue.

When combined with water, the Pastis may turn foggy and opaque.

A standard serving of Pastis has about the same amount of alcohol as a can of beer or a glass of red wine.

Suitable Substitutes for Pastis

While Pastis is a unique spirit, it may not be accessible everywhere. In these cases, you may need to locate an appropriate aperitif alternative.

When you consider some of the fundamental characteristics of Pastis, such as the fact that the alcohol is macerated rather than distilled, any anise liqueur will not suffice.

Furthermore, Sambucca, Pastis’s near relative, is sweet–perhaps too sweet to be a suitable alternative in certain recipes and applications.

Pernod is similar to Pastis, but considerably more readily accessible and adaptable.

When it comes to drinking or in a range of foods and recipes, Pernod is an excellent alternative for Pastis.

Both taste like black licorice and have an anise scent.

Pernod should be served neat with cold water on the side, not drunk neat. It has a strong flavor and should be diluted to taste by the individual drinking it.

Until your taste buds adjust to the flavor, some mixologists suggest one part Pastis to five parts water.

In terms of food, Pernod may be substituted for Pastis in a variety of recipes, most notably the region’s famed Bouillabaisse fish stew.

Pastis is significantly more robust and flavorful than Pernod, thus you may need to use a little extra Pernod when substituting.

Frequently Asked Questions About What’s a Substitute for Pastis

Where to find Pastis?

Pastis is typically found in France, notably in the Marseille area, where customers may choose from more than 75 distinct varieties of pastis and licorice-flavored liqueurs. It is also available for purchase online and delivered to the buyer’s home in several places.

How to make Pastis?

You may create your own Pastis by infusing vodka or gin with certain seeds and herbs. Seal the jar and store it in a cold, dark area for approximately a month, stirring occasionally. Select ingredients such as star anise, fennel seed, and aniseed, then season with sugar to taste. When it’s done, strain it to get rid of the seeds and herbs before serving.

What can you cook with Pastis?

Pastis may be used in cooking and lends a distinctive, herbaceous taste to a variety of dishes. Pastis adds a distinct taste to many fish and shellfish meals, as well as several chicken and egg dishes. In fact, Pastis is a key component in the fish stew Bouillabaisse. Many chefs substitute Pernod for Pastis if they don’t have any on hand.

How to enjoy Pastis?

Pastis may be enjoyed plain or with a sidecar of extremely cold, ice water. Dilute the pastis to taste, but never drink it straight since it is powerful and potentially harsh. Pastis is an excellent aperitif to consume while viewing or enjoying a sunset.

What does Pastis mean?

Pastis refers to mash-up in the Occitan dialect of southern France.Do you want to go on a vacation to the south of France? If you can’t make it, you can obtain the similar effect by enjoying a glass of Pastis outdoors in the sun. Pastis has a distinct taste that has been characterized as anise and licorice-like. As a result, Pernod is an acceptable replacement in the majority of applications and scenarios.


What is a substitute for Pernod and pastis?


Belonging to the same family as Pernod, Pastis, and Ouzo, it’s an excellent substitute for Pernod’s anise and licorice flavors.

What is a substitute for Pernod liqueur?

Finally, the five greatest Pernod equivalents are Herbsaint, Ricard, Ouzo, Lillet Blanc, and Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth. What exactly is this? Each of these spirits has a distinct taste and may be used to make delectable cocktails.

Can you substitute absinthe for pastis?

Most absinthe cocktails can be made using pastis instead of absinthe; in fact, bartenders had to do so for almost a century. But if you can obtain genuine absinthe, I believe you’ll find that its distinct characteristics make these drinks taste even better.

What is a non alcoholic substitute for Pernod?

Pernod Alcohol Substitutes

If you’re in a pinch and need a Pernod alternative, lemon juice can suffice! Lemon juice has a similar taste profile to Pernod, which is an anise-flavored liquor. Simply add a few drops of lemon juice to your drink before serving.

Is sambuca the same as pastis?

Italian Sambuca is a digestive liqueur, and pastis includes anis, several herbs, and a little sugar, making it distinct from its Arabic cousins.

Is ouzo similar to pastis?

Ouzo (Greek: o, IPA: [uzo]) is a dry, anise-flavored aperitif popular in Greece. It is prepared from rectified spirits that have gone through a distillation and flavoring procedure. Its flavor is comparable to that of other anise liquors such as pastis, sambuca, rak, and arak.

What French liqueur is like Pernod?

Are there any Pernod alternatives? Replace with another French anise liquor, such as absinthe, Pastis, or anisette. Sambuca, an Italian anise liqueur, and Ouzo, a Greek anise liqueur, are two other similar replacements.

What French drink is like Pernod?

Pastis and Pernod are both French anise-flavored liqueurs produced by the same business. They’re interchangeable in this cocktail, and when mixed with Pernod, you may even call it a Pastis.

What is the primary flavor of pastis?

Pastis is a boozy, anise-flavored liquor and aperitif manufactured mostly in the south of France. The spirit is typically 40-45% ABV and contains less than 100 grams of sugar per liter.

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